Vision Statement

Creative Collaborative Media Design

Uniting Artists in Deep Collaboration

Are you tired of trying to break through the noise?

It's never been easy for a creative to make it in this life. Thankfully we have invested deeply in solving that problem during the lightning fast, 4th technological revolution. Creative collaborative media design will shape the true nature of tomorrow's collaborative networks. Eaglesvision is the category defining blueprint. Boldly designed, inventing new ways for artists and creatives to be seen!

The question is are we your kind of different?

Our media network is creative and collaborative by design...

Eaglesvision's growing media network offers creatives and collaborators a wide range of international video and audio production services to choose from. As well as a full array of HD live streaming and broadcast distribution solutions to suit any occasion.

“Our collaboration with Eaglesvison is something that was started from the infancy stage of our business. Understanding the social mechanics and executing a Live strategy all in real time is something that Eaglesvision has brought to our business model. I would even go as far as saying that its played a pivotal role and keeping us ahead of the rest of the competition.”

Antonio Del Rossi - Broadcast Director at Streamlab ZA

The Art of Creative Collaborative Media Design

1. Knowing your story

At Eaglesvision we believe that knowing your story is an essential first step in developing a strong collaborative relationship. Your story gives us all the necessary context and understanding that will allow us to deliver exceptional results while collaborating together.

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2. Knowing the difference

We use category design thinking to help you find the difference you need to stand out. We don't do average work for average people, we understand the difference you need to be remarkable. At Eaglesvision the difference is true perspective!

3. Following the Eaglesvision

Eaglesvision has a 340 degree approach to collaboration that uses both insight, foresight and back casting to map the most beneficial pathways and mediums for achieving your ultimate goal...

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The business of being different...

We exclusively work with creatives who are struggling to balance the demands of content creation and the business of being seen. Our service offerings cater for creatives and industry professionals working in podcasting, film and TV, as well as the music and gaming industries, respectively.

“EaglesVision is a long time collaborator that is using creative collaborative media design to help me craft a more compelling POV. As well as designing a long term growth strategy for the Unstructured podcast. They have literally taken Unstructured from having no proper website and an anemic social presence. To a stunning web presence, and they have helped the show and myself to grow in esteem with my peers.”

Eric Hunley - Host of the Unstructured Podcast

Are you ready to be extraordinary?

Vision Statement

What we imagined and have now done. The future of creative work

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Co-Creating the Difference

Creative Collaborative Media Design, the art of real relationships

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