Gaming Gamers

The gaming industry is not immune to saturation, with its own abundance of gaming choices for players and esports spectators alike. Free tools like Unity and Gamemaker are also allowing for the creation of new types of stories and experiences.

The question becomes how players will find good content within this shifting landscape. The industry also faces two massive risks: burnout and talent drain. The introduction of new devices and consoles, also contributes to creating new functional development challenges (e.g. VR / AR).

Gaming Services

  • We work with esports athletes / esports organizations / game developers and publishers and gaming tournament organisers 
  • Game launches - event activations / video production / live streaming
  • Behind the scenes streamer content (mini documentaries)
  • Streaming gamer/s - Youtube channel marketing and category design
  • Full service website builds (incl design / copywriting / SEO, etc)
  • Marketing services for traditional media and social media platforms
  • Transmedia storytelling (we primarily design ARG’s & VR experiences)
  • Crowdfunding campaigns offering both marketing and engagement
  • Music soundtracks for game development projects
  • Podcast and content production