Music Industry

As the digital revolution takes hold we are finding that there is more competition than there has ever been within the music industry. This leaves less money for each musician unless you are utterly remarkable.

The tools for self-distributing music is disrupting the ways that music is being consumed. Giving away music doesn’t get you the listens you want or need, or create new fans easily. Live performances are the way you get really paid and with the current Covid-19 crisis many artists are having to pivot into the live streaming sphere.

Music Industry Services

  • Artist interviews (video production or livestream)
  • Music videos (video production as well as behind the scenes content)
  • Album launches (video production or livestream)
  • Live music events (video production or livestream)
  • Live stream platform distribution
  • Digital rights management for live stream broadcasts
  • Music performances / music events in VR
  • Full service website builds (incl design / copywriting / SEO, etc)
  • Marketing services for traditional media and social media platforms
  • Crowdfunding campaigns offering both marketing and engagement
  • Podcast and content production