Visual Storytellers

The digital revolution has saturated the entertainment marketplace with too many viewing choices. Yet people haven’t changed that much as they still only have limited time and attention available. Online content distribution is becoming the norm, which in turn is creating increased content noise. 

There is also increased competition from cable TV, streaming services, crowd funded projects and the indomitable rise of YouTube. To make matters worse social media companies are also entering the broadcast space. 

Visual Storytelling Services

  • Film Festival live stream event coverage
  • Premiers and special screenings live stream event coverage
  • Behind the scenes filming on set (mini documentaries)
  • Transmedia storytelling (we primarily design ARG’s & VR experiences)
  • Marketing services for traditional media and social media platforms
  • Crowdfunding campaigns offering both marketing and engagement
  • Full service website builds (incl design / copywriting / SEO, etc)
  • Podcast and content production